Festival of Teaching



The University of Alberta’s annual Festival of Teaching is a year-round celebration of excellence and innovation in teaching. Our goals are:to open multiple avenues for the U of A community to engage in a broad exploration and discussion of teaching and pedagogical methods, andto work in partnership with groups and units across campus to create and augment stimulating events with a pedagogical focus.Excellence in teaching deserves to be celebrated; innovation in teaching needs to be shared. Taking time to focus on what happens every day across the academy, the Festival of Teaching celebrates the excellence and enthusiasm of our educators. The Festival of Teaching began as a small one-day event in 2009. It has since grown into a year-round celebration showcasing and celebrating teaching excellence and innovation.The Festival of Teaching fosters the creation of enriched learning environments that successfully serve the needs of students, by helping them discover their passions and aptitudes, giving them necessary skills and knowledge, and inspiring them to engaged citizenship in local and global communities.

The Festival of Teaching site can be found here.