Academic Unit Reviews


The University is committed to assuring quality in all activities inherent in its mandate. Quality assurance at the University of Alberta is a peer-review process. comprising detailed examination of elements related to the quality of teaching, research and administration. To fulfill this commitment to quality assurance, the University of Alberta shall undertake periodic external reviews to evaluate units'' programs of study and research, as well as the administrative support for these programs, whether central (i.e. reporting to the Provost and Vice-President (Academic) portfolio) or in a faculty, department or other unit. The University has developed guidelines to facilitate these review processes.

The ultimate goal of the Academic Unit Review process is quality improvement; a transparent process to determine strengths, challenges, opportunities and best practices for each unit and the institution as a whole. There is no expectation that the review process will have positive or negative financial impact on the unit.

For the purposes of these reviews, a unit shall be defined as a group of academic staff members and programs involved in teaching, research and administration that can reasonably be reviewed by a group of reviewers with similar academic backgrounds. It may consist of a department or group of departments, a Faculty or any other program delivery body.